Events on the edge of reality. Passengers disappear, one after the other

Synchronicity, quantum physics and a thrilling plot:

beyond the mirror exists the answer to our questions…


For author Jane Milton Keys, the most important moment of her career has come: the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in New York.

But the trip won’t be exactly what she thought. The passengers begin to disappear.

Unusual circumstances slowly begin to manifest themselves, shattering the certainties of logic, events that sink their roots into a very particular conception of existence, discovered by the Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung and the father of Quantum Physics, Wolfgang Pauli.

A great thriller based upon laws and scientific theories that open new extraordinary horizons to the human mind, offering intriguing answers to the most disturbing questions.

What is destiny? Do we really have freedom of choice? Is ours the only existing reality?

Can we solve situations with no way out?

A fascinating story, able to overturn normal points of view on what we are, and what we see.

Enjoy the booktrailer:

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