Dossier HEILIGE LANZE: The secret of the Longinus Spear

The cover

The cover

A new amazing historical dossier on a new amazing magazine

Dear friends,

It’s a peculiar period for me as an author/writer, full of news, interesting things and new misteries to deepen.

I am glad to inform you that a new intriguing magazine on History will be published in three countries: Spain, UK, and Italy starting from November.

I was asked to write the special historical dossiers you can find inside, the first deals with the Heilige Lanze, known also as The Longinus Spear, the blade who pierced the Christ’s side.

Dossier Heilige Lanze ENIGMI STORIA 1

Dossier introduction page 1

Dossier Heilige Lanze ENIGMI STORIA 2

Dossier introduction page 2

Dossier Heilige Lanze ENIGMI STORIA 3

Dossier introduction page 3

Dossier Heilige Lanze ENIGMI STORIA 4

One of the final pages of the Dossier with one of the author’s books, an accurate historical enquiry about the hidden ideology of nationalsocialism

What is the historical truth behind the legend surrounding the Holy Lance?

Why H. Himmler the chief of SS (and not Hitler as explained in the magazine) was morbidly attracted by it? Why did he build the Wewelsburg Castle, the occult HQ of his SS, following a design plan Heilige Lanze shaped?

What did the last analysis on the weapon demonstrate?

A complete scientific and historical enquiry on the most mysterious relic of the western civilization a must for the reader because this dossier collects all the already acquired knowledge about the Holy Lance together with the last specialistic news that very few know.

Enjoy the reading!


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