RED SEA DEEP BLUE EXPERIENCE – The Secret of Abyss is A Deep Blue Emotion



Southern Egypt, 15 October 2015

90 km south of Marsa Alam, coral reef close to the Sudanese border

I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

I never felt such an unusual emotion.

Deep blue. Vital joy. Colors that become sounds, a sensory and emotional synesthesia, a melody of deep blue, intense red. Yellow full of life.

I did what I had to do: the rational mind stepped aside to make room for emotions as I descended into the most beautiful depths I’ve ever seen.

A deep blue emotion, a warm embrace of peace, a place where you really feel that here everything is right.

Sea, land and sky, a treasure chest filled with jewelry, the finest imaginable. And when you’re here, you cannot understand how one can destroy everything for mere self-interest.

Flying in a sea of ​​glass with sea turtles, take a walk along with the majestic eagle-ray, becoming one thing in the harmony of creation with the perception that it is not us observing them but we were allowed to share along with them a small, significant part of our lives. A marvellous world belonging to both.

I heard strong the call of playful dolphins, in the  iridescent sapphire universe, which changed in aquamarine, turquoise, abyss blue.

And the curious eye of one of them, almost a smile, when passed me by, I cannot forget.

This was one of the best experiences of my life. My wife Alessandra and me lived it in the same way, the only one, after all, able to offer so much: a wonderful present.

This is the secret of the abyss: a gift.

I wish to share it with you, if you like…

Thank you.


(The second song of the video is Master&Friend, ( part of the soundtrack of the L’Ombra del Diluvio, the novel  booktrailer. Music: Giacomo Saponi and Alessandro Tamburini, Bar stereo 3 –

The lyrics are mine, with the help of Alessandro Tamburini)


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