A great publishing event: finally released in all bookstores (Italy) The SECRETS OF THE VATICAN – HOLY SEE AND NAZISM

Finally released in all bookstores (Italy): The Secrets of The Vatican – The Holy See and Nazism

Pierluigi Tombetti – Arkadia Editorecopertina

A new light on relations between the Vatican and the Third Reich  

A truth worse than any fantasy for the first time revealed in all its tragedy, where the points of contact between the Catholic Church and Nazi ideology are much more than differences.

What links the Church and Nazism? What really happened in Croatia, where dozens of religious contributed to the Holocaust of 750,000 Serbs?

What do weknow about the horrors of the “Canadian Genocide” and “Magdalene Laundries”?

What were the real reasons for the silence of Pius XII on the holocaust of the Jews?

Why does the Vatican signed the Concordat with the Third Reich?

Why thousands of SS criminals could escape thanks to the Vatican?

Where is Nazi gold?

What was the role as mediator of Pius XII in the plot to kill Hitler and what was the secret project of Hitler to kidnap Pius XII?  

scheda tecnica i segreti del vaticano

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An accurate enquiry based upon documents, reliable sources and Holy See archives today accessible .

A new vision on the diplomatic work of the Vatican and its historic anti-Semitism, proclaimed in the early decades of the twentieth century, even by its main organ, “Civiltà Cattolica” (Catholic Civilization).

The final answers to the most terrible questions of  contemporary history,   in all bookstores (italian language).

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