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Blade in his natural environment, a true ices wolf

The Dog’s Language

Why is it so difficult to make our dog do what we want? Is it possible to understand the language of our dog and to fully communicate with him? Why many times his behavior is annoying, he seems to act in an incomprehensible way, he  does what he wants, or does what he thinks it is correct? Communicating with our dog or animal is much easier than we may think: but the secret lays in a field we probably have never considered.


There are few things able to give so much like living with a dog, or generally an animal, with which you can establish contact and full communication. You understand  him, he understands you. But for this to happen, we must learn his language, he cannot learn ours. It is not a contradiction, since apparently the dog learns some commands and executes them but the fact is the basis of education begins from the trainer’s awareness that dog are programmed with their own language. Once you understand how it works, the grammar, so to speak, and the basics of his language, everything becomes simple. But is it really possible to understand and to speak the language of the animals?


My wife Alessandra and me are the happy owners of Blade, a beautiful 15 months old Alsatian; I’ve always had dogs, but in this particular time in my life I’m assimilating and integrating in a well-defined system a vast amount of information and a wonderful puzzle has now taken shape where each piece takes its place alongside the others, a compendium of knowledge leading to an organic and logical universe in which we are immersed, which has much to do with quantum physics and that presupposes the existence of much, much more than what we see. And surprisingly all this has much to do with the mystery of the language of animals.

When in 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays , man began to realize that in the universe there are myriad of radiating forms that we do not see but interacting with life every day. The astronauts of the first orbital missions suffered from a unknowns phenomenon that terrified them, called White Flash, which manifested itself with sudden and strong flashes of light inside their eyeballs. After some years, the NASA scientists discovered that it was the signal of an interaction of a cosmic ray on the retina; the suits and the shuttles were then adequately shielded from these radiations.

Only two examples to understand how at any time innumerable forms of radiation are surrounding us and reach our body: light, color, sound, all of these are waves at defined wavelengths. So are the emotions because thoughts and moods can be monitored and tracked by a simple electro encephalogram and other similar devices. And here lays the secret of communication between dog and man: the emotional state.

Alcune delle onde emesse dal cervello

Alcune delle onde emesse dal cervello

THE EMOTIONAL STATE CONTROL – The secret of communication

If a ray of light hits our eye, we tend to squint to protect us. If an emotional wave, due to anxiety, irritation, etc. reaches us, we can react squinting our defenses, or soothe our emotional state, reflecting like a mirror harmful moods. Otherwise we ourselves may become mirrors reflecting anxiety and irritation and we’ll project them onto others.

This has a deleterious effect in our relationship with the dog because he immediately realizes if we are nervous and reacts according to his mind program, a sort of inner behavioral code written in his DNA stating: “If your boss is not able to be a leader, or cannot act as a leader with the necessary authority and self-control, you must do it”.And as a result  the dog is pushed into action and takes command, doing the opposite of what we asked him.

In a word, he became the leader of the pack: because for him we are not able to act as a leader, we cannot control our emotions, we are annoyed, nervous, what a leader must not do. So he does it, as programmed in his neurons.

He knows instinctively that a society works well when there is who in charge to say what to do and say it in the right way, no jitters, no anger. If one is not able to do so is not able to lead a pack, and then the dog does it. If we go on a leash with our dog  and we are nervous, this wave is conveyed to the dog through the leash. If the dog is not on a leash we radiate anxiety and the dog perceives it.

An example: I go regularly, several times a week, running with Blade and we pass by some houses with nervous dogs barking every time someone walk on that street.  Applying the rule of energy, that is, always to be calm and relaxed, but with authoritarian spirit, I do not care anymore, I calm down completely, and the astonishing  consequence is that Blade stops pulling towards the barking dog. Even I could experience several times (now is the praxis) that if I make my breathing exercises  (coming in part from Martial Arts that I have been practicing for many years) and join them deep relaxation techniques while I run, I come close to the “red zone” with Blade quiet, the leash unloose and unbelievably the dog stops barking several hundred feet before we reach his home. And do not bark. Simply he watches us running. The emotional state of calm is projected out and influence other dogs. But that’s enough I let myself get anxious, or leaving this balance painstakingly achieved over time to make the dog bark, Blade pull, etc.

The good news is that is enough you just take a deep breath and relax.

The bad news, if it can be called such, is that we must always be relaxed when we are with our dog

Many complain their dog tends to bite, or he doesn’t listen, he is anxious, aggressive, etc. and do not realize that they are so and are projecting these state of mind onto their dog. Once we used to say that the dogs look like their owners, that’s why. Of course this article is extremely limited and it is only the starting point for a path to pursue with our dog, a path, that once you have understood the basics, and with the help of a skilled trainer who trains the owner, not the dog will become a wonderful journey.

A journey to discover together with our family and that will bring undoubted benefits even at home, because the matrix impressed by nature on physical rules has also its exact correspondence in the moral life and in the rules that define the behavior of individuals. Once you understand the basic matrix, the exact instructions for a full and satisfying life, we can also apply them to our human relationships with enormous benefits. Our trip (my wife  Alessandra’s –  who is the real passionate about these things – and mine) with Blade, and the permanent link that has been established with him, inspired me the character of Grey Wolf, in the new novel  (THE SEAL OF GOOD AND EVIL) I write in my spare time, because at the moment I’m busy with THE RUNE Trilogy, whose first book, I GIORNI PERDUTI (The Lost Days) has been issued in Italy in 2014.

But THE SEAL OF GOOD AND EVIL speaks of a different universe, a world of amazing variety and beauty with its races, its lands, its cultures, not very different from Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, a particular dimension  that exists really and that can be accessed through a very special machine …

But I’ll speak better about it at the right time, when it will be published.


…a series of pictures of Blade, from the age of two and a half months, until the current fifteen months.

(All pictures of this article: © Alessandra Travisani, thank you very much for your love, your continuous support and for a thousand other things)

(Thanks also to our trainer, Goffredo Ravaioli, for the suggestions and teachings)

You can freely use the photographs citing the author and the site



Two month and a half of sweetness


A happy, little, fuzzy ball


Three months. His favourite toy always with him

















Blade always sleeps in the strangest ways…









Six months of endless games. But this time he looked tired. I was surely more tired than him.









No doubt a good dog










Our cat Kira bears hard him… Because Blade tends to be invasive











Blade and Lock, a Czechoslovak dog

















Time to take a bath. You have to do it, sometimes….









What’s up?









Yeeeeeah! I’m on my waaaaaaaaaay!!!!!











Here I was explaining Blade the Masaru Emoto’s theories about cymatics of crystals. Something the alsatians seem to be attracted by….








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A Nat Geo pictures shot by Alessandra


















Sometimes is hard to be a leader…









Noi tre...

We three…




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