WHY THE HOLOCAUST? Part I: The dark side.

Youtube Lecture: WHY THE HOLOCAUST? Part I: The dark side.

Discover the real reason for the Holocaust and the hidden ideology of III Reich (P. Tombetti)

(Language: English, subtitles: English)

A new university conference to discover the secrets of the Nazi Party, the hidden religious ideology at the root of the Holocaust. With unique photographs and the final booktrailer of Synchronicity – Flight 9941.

“(…) In History we try to give answers. To the question HOW, but the most important one is WHY.  So in this lecture you won’t find the usual dates, figures, the usual names, the usual history of the Holocaust. Because we will dig deeper, much deeper and we will discover a truth even worse than we normally know. And for the most part, little known even among specialists. Expect the unexpected. This is the dark side of History: but it’s all absolutely true (…)”


A psychological approach to National-Socialism: the investigation of Carl Gustav Jung sheds light on the real reasons for the Holocaust

What are the Runes and their use by the III Reich.

The true meaning of swastika, taught only to senior SS officers.

The social, cultural and psychological roots of the Third Reich.

Where does does National-Socialism come from? The birth of NSDAP from a secret society of occultist: The Thule Gesellschaft.

The Lebensborn and eugenic selection.

The SS 1938-39 mission to Tibet: the real reason of the Schaefer expedition.

Is National socialism a religion? Public cults and secret rites of the III Reich. Nazism replaces the traditional religion with a new neo-pagan ideology.

Hitler as the Messiah of Germany.

In Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, publicly revealed his mission in behalf of God, a concept he clearly outlines in details in the book.  

And much more…

And finally, the final answer to the question: Why the Holocaust.



Thanks to prof. Bruno Marini and prof. Joyce Ferrero de Melo, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, UFMS, Brasil.

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